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OrganMatch Enhancement

OrganMatch is undergoing an exciting new expansion which will see improved access and functionality for the Australian organ donation and transplantation sector.

Further information can be found in the OrganMatch Factsheet - Donation and Transplantation Portal Expansion.

Transition to virtual crossmatch in the Australian donation for transplantation system

The Australian organ donation and transplantation system currently uses complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) crossmatches to determine compatibility between organ donor and transplant recipients. Internationally many transplant programs have moved to conducting virtual crossmatches (VXM) which can provide greater detail regarding the compatibility of the donor organ and recipient. There is currently a significant project underway to transition to a national virtual crossmatch program within the Australian organ donation for transplantation system. To read more about this project please see the see the VXM resources below:

Changes to Australian Deceased Donor Kidney Allocation

From the 4th May 2021 Kidney Algorithm v2 (KAv2) will be implemented into OrganMatch.

These changes follow a significant piece of work conducted by the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) Renal Transplant Advisory Committee (RTAC) and the Renal Allocation Working Group (RAWG) which sought to improve on the current kidney allocation algorithm with particular focus on:

  • improving access to transplant for highly sensitised patients
  • improved usage of donated kidneys
  • improved matching for younger patients.

Read OrganMatch's latest communique on Changes to Australian Deceased Donor Kidney Allocation (PDF).

For more information on the Kidney Algorithm v2 (KAv2), go to the OrganMatch documents and forms page.