OrganMatch is a world class clinical transplant system that facilitates compatibility matching of recipients and donors for organ transplantation in Australia which launched in April 2019.

The Australian Government committed to fund a new matching system in Australia (2015 Budget measure) to replace the National Organ Matching System (NOMS), which had been in place since 1999.

We contract LifeBlood to manage and host OrganMatch with Datacom as their technical partner.

Key functions of the system include:

  • national waitlist management
  • kidney matching and allocation of deceased organ donors
  • Australia and New Zealand Paired Kidney Exchange Program (ANZKX)
  • living donor organ transplants.

OrganMatch access is available to clinicians and transplant coordinators in Australia and New Zealand and to scientists from Australian Transplantation and immunogenetics or tissue typing laboratories. OrganMatch software access request forms are available on the Clinical forms and procedures page.

For further information on OrganMatch contact