Governance and continual improvement

OrganMatch is an essential tool that assists clinicians in the treatment of patients waiting for a transplant and for patients that have already received  a transplant.

Governance committees

OrganMatch has multiple levels of governance set up to oversee and maintain specific aspects of the product and related policies and guidelines.

OrganMatch Strategic Governance Committee

The committee provides governance and oversight of the OrganMatch system for the benefit of donors, families and transplant recipients and to provide an interface and foster ongoing collaboration between the donation and transplantation sector.

OrganMatch Operational Committee

The committee provides the users and stakeholders within Australia with a process for oversight and evaluation, approval, and prioritisation of operational changes.

The committee also reviews the user access and monitors adherence to a suite of operational policies and guidelines.

OrganMatch Lab User Group (OMLUG) 

The group provides a platform for fostering the ongoing collaboration between the laboratory end users and the National OrganMatch Office.

The group is formed by members of the OrganMatch team, and representative from all the Tissue Typing Laboratories.

The group meets every month to discuss items such as prioritisation. 

Continual system improvements

OrganMatch is continually enhanced to provide additional features, to meet the needs of the Transplantation and Organ donation sector in Australia.

OrganMatch follows Agile Development Methodology, and typically has a 4-week release cycle. The changes requests are received from stakeholders. Once approved they are prioritised by the National OrganMatch Office in discussion with other stakeholders. Prioritised items go through to development and testing cycles, and then released into the web application.

Information about latest releases and other news can be found on our What's new page.

OrganMatch functionality improvements can be logged using the OrganMatch Change Request Form.

Further information outlining the process for requesting a change to OrganMatch including the evaluation and approval process can be found here OrganMatch Change Proposal Process.

These should be endorsed by appropriate user groups, national and state committees or TSANZ.

Any requests, feedback or questions can be sent to

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