Practical Family Donation Conversation (FDC) workshop

The practical FDC workshop follows the core FDC workshop, expanding knowledge and providing specialist skills for having conversations with families about donation. 

Workshop content

This one-day workshop gives participants the opportunity to reflect on the key teachings of the core FDC workshop and practise challenging scenarios in targeted role plays. 

The workshop focuses on:

  • key factors in the process, timing and sequence of the donation conversation
  • best practices for supporting families in grief and in the donation conversation
  • strategies to ensure informed and enduring decision making about donation.

Who should attend?

If you are a DonateLife donation specialist, you are required to attend as part of your role. Other healthcare workers involved in the donation process may also attend, particularly senior medical and nursing staff who are involved in donation conversations with families.

What should I do before the workshop?

You need to have attended a core FDC workshop before this workshop. We recommend you leave at least 6 months between attending the core workshop and this workshop if possible.  

Who will teach the workshop? 

Practical FDC workshops are facilitated by a national group of trainers, including experienced DonateLife donation specialists and education coordinators, intensive care specialists and grief counsellors.

How can I register to attend?

Check the schedule and click on the register button.

Important notice: Due to COVID-19 there may be some restrictions on workshop capacity. Please be aware that some jurisdictions may require participants to be fully vaccinated prior to attending workshops and evidence of vaccination may also be required.

Workshops are held across the country throughout the year.

If you are a DonateLife donation specialist and need to travel to another state or territory to attend, contact the Education Coordinator at your local DonateLife Agency who may be able to help you.


15 March 2024Institute of Academic Surgery Education And training Facilities - 145 Missenden Road9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
07 May 2024Westmead Hospital9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
24 June 2024St Vincent's Hospital Sydney9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
03 September 2024Royal North Shore Hospital9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
14 October 2024Liverpool Hospital9:00am to 4:30pmRegister


04 June 2024TBD9:00am to 4:30pmRegister


26 April 2024Princess Alexandra Hospital - Bryan Emerson Training room9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
28 November 2024Princess Alexandra Hospital9:00am to 4:30pmRegister


01 February 2024DonateLife SA9:00am to 4:30pmRegister




14 March 2024DonateLife Victoria9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
05 June 2024DonateLife Victoria9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
25 July 2024DonateLife Victoria9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
09 December 2024DonateLife Victoria9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
03 December 2024DonateLife Victoria9:00am to 4:30pmRegister


17 April 2024Mount Hawthorn9:00am to 4:30pmRegister
15 August 2024TBD9:00am to 4:30pmRegister

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