Say 'thanks' this DonateLife Thank You Day

Say 'thanks' this DonateLife Thank You Day
Say 'thanks' this DonateLife Thank You Day

The third Sunday in November is DonateLife Thank You Day. Join us to pause, remember and thank those Australians who gave the ultimate gift through organ and tissue donation. 

Now in its eighth year, Thank You Day is an important event in our calendar. It gives Australians who have received a transplant the chance to show their heartfelt gratitude to donors, and their families. 

By shining a spotlight on the importance of organ and tissue donation, Thank You Day also serves as a reminder for Aussies to register and talk to their family about donation.  

In Australia, your family will always be asked to consent to donation at the end of your life, even when you have registered. By saying yes during such an emotional time, donor families agree to save and transform the lives of others on your behalf.  

We recently asked donor families from across the country how they knew donation was right decision for their family and how best to encourage other families to have conversation about organ and tissue donation.  

One family shared: 

“My family always spoke about organ and tissue donation, from when my sister and I were quite young. It was a conversation that was always talked about, and we always knew that our parents wanted to be organ donors. 

I understand for some families it would be very difficult, but the conversation was never challenging for our family, it was just a natural conversation. Much like people’s other wishes – do they want to be buried or cremated? 

Knowing that my dad was a donor makes me think that his death mattered, and it meant something.” 

Join us online and share a message of thanks to organ and tissue donors for their generosity on social media. Make sure you use the hashtag #thankyouday.

Also take a moment to have a conversation that saves lives – and make sure your family know you want to be a donor. Spread the word and get other families talking about organ by using the hashtag #myfamilyknow.

If you’re not sure how to talk to your family about donation, check out these tips on how to start.  

We've prepared some downloadable content and graphics to help you spread the word too.