Number one selfie campaign

Number one selfie campaign
Number one selfie campaign

A big thankyou to everyone around Australia who's been involved in DonateLife Week 2022 activities! If you’ve been organising events, showing up in our magenta merch, using our stickers in a café, talking about organ and tissue donation with your friends and family, or registering to be a donor – thank you!!  

We’ve been asking everyone to take a quick ‘No.1 selfie’ and post it on your socials to pass on the message that anyone can potentially give a life-changing and life-saving gift in less than a minute.   

This is a quick and easy way for you to get involved and encourage your friends and family to register today!  

If you’re not sure what to write, we’ve prepared social media content that you can use. Just take a selfie holding up your forefinger in a number 1 and add one of our captions, or your own!  

We would also love it if you tagged us, using #GreatRegistrationRace for #DonateLifeWeek @donatelifetoday 

Remember that whilst our big push focussed during DonateLife Week, the Great Registration Race continues throughout August, so keep those selfies coming! It’s never too late to register and to have that conversation with your family and friends.  

Hope to see you soon,  

Happy DonateLife Week!