Let's talk eye and tissue donation

Let's talk eye and tissue donation
Let's talk eye and tissue donation

This week we’re raising awareness about eye and tissue donation, busting some common myths and sharing some stories from Aussies whose lives have been saved or transformed. 

We’ll thrilled to be able to share some heart-warming stories. Jump onto our social media channels and follow us to see videos featuring our resident tissue donation and transplantation expert Marisa and also corneal recipient Terry. You'll also meet, among others, young Hannah whose life was transformed by a bone graft, Cath whose sight was saved by a corneal transplant, Debbie who received a heart valve transplant, Tim who was saved by skin grafts after receiving burns to 85 percent of his body and beautiful little Kelcey who donated her eyes after her death at five years old.  

Did you know that each year, thousands of Australian lives are changed through the gift of transplantation of donated tissues, including eye tissue?

Unlike organ donation, where only around 2 percent of those who pass away in hospital can be considered as a possible donor, many more people can become eye and tissue donors. This is because you don’t have to die in a hospital setting to be considered for eye and tissue donation and the donation can occur up to 24 hours after death. 

Last year our data shows there were 1,472 deceased eye donors and 313 deceased tissue donors, as well as around 3,000 living tissue donors. This meant more than 2,400 people had their eyesight restored through a corneal transplant, and over 9,000 people received tissue (e.g. musculoskeletal, heart, skin) transplants – all thanks to the life-changing gift of donation. 

Tissue donation saves and transforms lives in many ways including saving burns victims, restoring sight, repairing heart defects in babies and adults, rebuilding tendons and reconstructing bones. 

This week we’d love you all to share and like our posts to help us spread the eye and tissue donation word and help educate your friends and family. A huge thank you to everyone who generously shared their story with us. 

Increasing awareness about eye and tissue donation, and encouraging families to talk about donation and registering, is vital to getting more people to say “yes” to donation. 

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