National Donor Heroes' Night

Event date

Wednesday 18 May 2022 - 6pm

Event details

Donor Families Australia (DFA) welcomes the Australian community in supporting and celebrating Donor Heroes’ Night with Donor Families, Living Donors and Recipients.

You can simply take part by simply adding a photo and comment of your porch light/candle to the Donor Families Australia Facebook page as well as your own Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.

Donor Heroes’ Night allows Donor Families to commemorate their Donor Loved One, Recipients to thank their Donor Family and the community to acknowledge those involved in organ/tissue donation and transplantation. Your involvement means a great deal to all Donor Families.

This event also seeks to raise the profile of organ/tissue donation and transplantation across the broader Australia community.

In May 2020, the inaugural Donor Heroes’ Night was undertaken resulted in 50,000 Australians through the various social media platforms being involved.

2021 saw this number rise to 125,000 that were involved in the weeks leading up to and including the night of the 18th May.

250,000 is the goal for 2022 and on the night of 18th May 30,000 are anticipated to be involved posting photos of their lights and Donor Hero loved ones accompanied by comments supported by family, friends, and the community at large.

Further information is available by visiting the Donor Families Australia website