Jersey Day 2022

Event Date

Friday 2nd of September 2022

Event Location


What is Jersey Day?

Each Jersey Day we ask schools and workplaces across Australia to allow students and employees to wear their favourite sporting jersey to school or work and begin the conversation with their family and friends about the importance of becoming an organ and tissue donor. Jersey Day was inspired by the gift of life that Nathan Gremmo gave to six people when he became an organ donor at age 13.

Jersey Day is all about raising awareness – there is no requirement to raise funds. Jersey Day is fun, it’s free and by registering to become an organ and tissue donor you could be helping to save a life.

How to get involved

1. Pop on your favourite jersey, or a Jersey Day jersey

2. Take a photo or video in your jersey. 

3. Post it on social media and tag @jerseydayau and use the hashtags #jerseydayau #donatelife. 

4. Explain what Jersey Day is in your caption, to help spread word about the importance of having a conversation about organ donation. Some examples are: “Jersey Day is the perfect opportunity to start a discussion with your loved ones about organ donation” or “Wear your favourite sporting jersey this Jersey Day, Friday September 2, 2022, to raise awareness for organ donation.” 

5. Have a conversation with your loved ones about becoming an organ and tissue donor. It’s important they know your wishes.

You can find more information about Jersey Day on their website.