Samantha – liver recipient – ACT

Samantha - liver recipient - ACT
This became Samantha’s second chance at life. Samantha looks and feels so much better

Samantha had her first operation when just a tiny four-week old baby. Born with a rare liver disease, Biliary Atresia which severely compromised her liver function, Samantha spent her young live with hospital stays, medical check-ups and operations.

Two years ago, Samantha’s health declined dramatically with a lot of pain, feeling very sick, constant itchiness and drained of all energy. Samantha’s quality of life was being severely impacted.

In July 2019 Samantha was listed for a liver transplant, there was no other choice. After seven months and one false start, she got her gift of life in February 2020.

Samantha said when they got the call, she was feeling very nervous about the huge operation but also sad as she knew that another family had lost a loved family member.

“I was at home the day before starting the new school year, I was going into Year Six! I was all ready for my first day of school, but instead we put our already packed hospital bag in the car and drove to Sydney,” she said.

Since transplantation Samantha’s life has had a massive turnaround. “I have so much more energy! I go to school every day, I can go on walks, and just participate in life again!”

Samantha’s father Tim said the family was extremely grateful that another family made the selfless and generous decision to donate their loved one’s organs.

“This became Samantha’s second chance at life. Samantha looks and feels so much better,” he said.