Fiona - donor, ACT

Photo of ACT donor Fiona and her two daughters, Hannah and Georgia
Honestly, donating her organs gave us a lot of comfort in a really difficult time. We were so proud of her.


In the eyes of her children Fiona was smart, passionate, a justice fighter and amazing in everything she did. She loved animals, her garden and travelling. 

She enjoyed being involved in things, lots of things and she was well-loved by everyone who knew her. 

So, it came as a complete shock, especially her children Hannah, Thomas and Georgia, when she suddenly died from a brain bleed at age 51. 

Despite the unexpected tragedy, her family are grateful Fiona had been so passionate about organ and tissue donation.  

Her family said she had registered as a donor many years before her death and encouraged her friends and family to do the same. She felt very strongly about having the ability to save others if she was in that situation. 

'When we were asked if we would consider organ donation, it was an easy answer because Mum had been so open and supportive of organ donation during her life,’ said Hannah.  

'Agreeing to organ donation felt like a positive way to carry out her wishes and gave some meaning to her sudden death. Organ donation played and continues to play a vital role in the grieving process.’ 

Georgia said she thought her mum was brave to be thinking about the possibility she might die, and at the same time wanting to help others out of a bad situation. 

In the years since losing their mother, Hannah and Georgia have become strong advocates of organ and tissue donation. They tell whoever will listen, about the importance of registering and talking about organ and tissue donation. 

'Honestly, donating her organs gave us a lot of comfort in a really difficult time. We were so proud of her,’ said Hannah. 

'Mum really was a superhero to me in life and death,’ Georgia said, ‘she was always willing to do things for other people.”