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Rodney - the perfect man

Val, Tracey & Trent
Six people are now able to go on living a more comfortable life.

Rod is a very much loved man. He lived happily married to Val for 38 years, had three children (Tracey, Trent and Kylie) and six grandchildren - the youngest whom he sadly never got to meet.

There wasn't anything Rod couldn't or wouldn't do for his friends or family. He could not be summed up in one word. A few words that do describe him are patient, helpful, calm, perfectionist, handyman, loving and family man. It has also been said he can 'walk on water'. We thought he was perfect.

He loved cars and absolutely anything to do with cars. Our family grew up watching all kinds of car racing. On Bathurst weekend, it was always best to leave the house as there was to be no talking while the race was on, Val included!

He enjoyed many hobbies including photography, gardening, working in his shed and lawn bowls which he took up when he retired only two years before we lost him.

So we were all very shocked when at 66 years of age, he suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage. He survived hours of brain surgery and eight weeks in hospital. Sadly he had a fall in hospital and had another bleed on his brain. He was unable to recover and he was declared 'brain dead' the next night.

It was then we had some major decisions to make. Thankfully we had all talked about our wishes to be an organ donor and we knew Rod had registered to do so. He'd had a discussion with us all and made sure we all registered as well. So even in the saddest time of our lives there was no wavering in our decision for Rod's organs to be donated. The staff from DonateLife could not have been any more helpful, caring or understanding. They made this extremely difficult time so much more bearable for us all.

We then said that final word...Goodbye.

So even in death he is helping others. Six people are now able to go on living a more comfortable life. We know Rod would be as proud of us for following his wishes as we are of him.

Val, Tracey & Trent

Nicky Burton