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My sister - Julie

Julie's generosity made a difference.

I would like to tell you a tale of two eyes and the person who saw her world through them. Julie first opened her eyes in Calcutta, India, the fourth child of a family preparing to migrate. When those eyes closed not half a decade later, it was halfway across the planet in the country she loved fiercely.

From an early age, Julie embraced the Australian sporting ethos. Her eyes showed themselves excellent from the beginning.

Julie was a fixture in women's cricket in her state and nationally. She played for local clubs and in the state squad before she'd quit her teens. Julie played indoor cricket with the same flair. Her quick eyes and hands made her a very successful wicketkeeper. She played in both indoor and outdoor championship sides.

When her playing days ended, she served on the state Women's Cricket Association Board. She believed that one gave back as much, if not more, than one received in the pursuit of something which had given you an opportunity to excel. All her life she loved the sport which gave her so much: success, and more importantly, lifelong friendships.

What she did she embraced with vigour. Her eyes travelled across the globe far and wide. She gave of her time, energy, intellect, finances. But most of all she gave her heart without reserve. She welcomed friends in need into her home, she financed the dreams of musician friends, she was at the core of fundraising, always looking for her opportunity to contribute.

And in the end, there was yet more to give. Whatever was of physical value beyond her death, she was ready to offer. And thus two corneas light two recipients eyes. But Julie's gift is not just to the recipients of her corneas. The gift is to her family as well. Her selflessness rewards us with the knowledge that two little flames burn brightly on, two diamonds sparkle in two new worlds, two other families have cause to celebrate, that one last time, Julie's generosity made a difference.

Priscilla, Sister

Nicky Burton