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Maureen. Our darling wife, mum, mother-in-law and grandmother

By Cassie
Maureen standing by some flowers with sunglasses on
Mum was the most loving generous, compassionate woman.

Our small family consisted of Mum, Dad, two daughters, partners and one granddaughter.

We are a strong loving family who love spending time together doing family things. Mum and Dad worked hard to raise us in a loving and supportive home, and allowed us to do the things we loved.

Mum's taxi worked hard of a weekend, running us from sport, to horses, to friends - —all whilst supporting her own parents who needed ongoing care. Mum was an only child and spent many of her years (with Dad) supporting her own parents as they grew older. Mum just loved to care for and help others.

One Tuesday night we received a call from Dad who told us that Mum had possibly suffered a minor stroke. Mum was taken to hospital, where we were advised that she had suffered a catastrophic aneurism (not a stroke) which was irreversible.

Of course, this came as a massive shock to our family. We were asked about the possibility of organ donation. We didn't know Mum's wish, as like most families we never talked about death, let alone about organ and tissue donation. So we discussed what we thought Mum would want.

Mum was the most loving generous, compassionate woman, who always put others before herself. As a family, we made the decision to proceed with the donation.

The retrieval and gifting of Mum's organs occurred on a very special day for our family. It was Mum and Dad's eldest daughter's 39th birthday. 39 years from the day Mum gave life to her first born, she was again giving the hope of new life to five others around Australia.

Receiving cards from two recipients of Mum's organs has also given us strength through this journey.

It gives us great peace that Mum's organs have been received by these recipients and it gives us further strength to know that Mum would be so proud of our decision.

We are now passionate advocates promoting organ and tissue donation awareness to as many people as we can. We attend the annual DonateLife ceremonies every year which gives us an amazing feeling of support and empowerment— - being together with others who have shared the same experiences as our family.


Nicky Burton