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Emma's story

Emma's mum
Emma did not have any hope of surviving her first year if not for her donor.

What a journey our little daughter Emma has had in her 18 months of life. Born with Biliary Atresia there was no other option but a liver transplant.

She deteriorated very quickly and she was listed for transplant the week before Christmas aged 5 months.

We moved our whole family to Sydney for the transplant and my husband who is a medical student, made the difficult decision to postpone his studies.

Emma was seriously ill and we were all so worried for her. One day I was sitting with her while doctors again tried to take blood from her with no luck, watching her cry tears that were stained yellow from the liver disease and at that point, I almost gave up hope.

Later that night we got 'the call' that Emma was going to get a second chance at life.

That day, to us, is the 'real' start of her life. Her transplant went very well and we watched her slowly get stronger and stronger and before we knew it she was back home!

That first night back at home was such a relief - we could actually fall asleep not wondering if we would be taking her to Emergency that night or not!

We have been very blessed that her transplant was a success and she is recovering well but the biggest blessing of all has been the incredible gift that a selfless family has given to complete strangers.

At a very difficult and emotional time, a family that we will never know has changed our family's life forever.

We have been registered organ donors for a number of years, but I never, ever imagined someone in my family would need that precious gift!

Emma did not have any hope of surviving her first year if not for her donor.

Please consider organ donation.

Nicky Burton