Donor's wishes

Donor's wishes

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I lost my dearly beloved sister while she waited for a lung transplant

In 2003 I lost my dearly beloved sister while she waited for a lung transplant. While she was ill my family had several conversations on organ donation. All three of our children have told their father and I that they wish to be donors - in the event of their death.

At the time of my sister's death my daughter was a married woman and she told her husband her wishes. She had indicated this on her licence since she was eighteen years old. Very recently I had a conversation with my daughter's husband and he told me that he would under no circumstances allow for her organs to be given away.

I strongly believe that the donor's wishes should be respected at the time of their death. I cannot help but think that possibly if the rules on this matter where different in 2003 my dear sister may still have been with us today.

This has made my daughter very upset with her husband.

We believe that if the next of kin were not able to step into the way of the wishes of the donor there would be far more beloved sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, mums and dads saved and that the decision would be taken out of the hands of the grieving families.