Didamain's story

Didamain's story

With the kidney transplant I am able to visit my relations at Numbulwar.

The story of my kidney problem began in 2002. I was working in my own community of Numbulwar on the Gulf of Carpentaria when the visiting doctor told me I was suffering from the beginning of kidney failure.

I have been a kidney dialysis patient since the beginning of 2003. I was still able to work in Darwin part-time for the Department of Education for two days per week and have dialysis three days a week. I continued on my treatment for about three years.

One day I decided to get some tests done so I could be listed as a possible kidney transplant recipient. I had completed all the possible tests that were required by the medical teams, so there I was patiently waiting for the big event to happen.

I was on dialysis at the Nightcliff Renal Unit, doing my usual routine when I had a phone call from the Nephrologist Paul Lawton, and he told me that a kidney was available. I had to fly by myself immediately and my husband Mick would come the next day.

The transplant team were very caring and gradually I regained my strength, really learning how to walk again and care for myself. I spent five weeks in Adelaide, and learnt how to manage my tablets and daily medications. I have now retired from the workforce and with the kidney transplant I am able to visit my relations at Numbulwar and enjoy the freedom of no dialysis. I thank my renal nurses and doctors and my immediate family for their wonderful care and support during my time on dialysis and the follow up now I have the kidney transplant.