Daniel's story

Daniel's story

Daniel, you are forever in the hearts of your loving family.

Daniel was born in Mildura. He raced through childhood with the usual broken bones and stitches. He played guitar from a young age and went on to share his love of music, laughter and stories while sharing a Bundy or a beer around a barbie with mates and family.

At about 20 he moved to South Australia, and worked as a sign writer and labourer. He had three beautiful daughters.

At 33, Daniel collapsed with a brain aneurysm. He was admitted to ICU where the amazing surgeons pulled him through with a repair operation. He seemed to be recovering and even surprised doctors by playing music with a food grater and whisk accompanied by his brother on a ukulele.

About a week later he suffered a massive stroke and was placed on life support for the second time. His condition deteriorated and after a 12 day struggle he passed from this life surrounded by loving family, friends and music.

We received a call from the Eye Bank asking if we would consider donation of Daniels' eyes as he had registered as an organ donor. As the family had previously discussed organ donation there was no hesitation.

Our son was always giving a helping hand to others in life. Doing odd jobs or painting and for a number of years helping cook the BBQ breakfast after the Anzac Day service in a small country town.

It just seemed right that he continue to help others in death, by giving sight to two others. We received a beautiful letter of thanks from one recipient and wish the recipients well.

The support from the Eye Bank of South Australia has been very comforting. They hold a Thanksgiving Service for families of donors and we received a voucher for a Memorial Rose and have just delighted in watching the first year of bloom.

We miss this special guy so very much and are so proud and comforted knowing he was still able to help others.

Daniel, you are forever in the hearts of your loving family.