Colleague's Life Saved

Colleague's Life Saved

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Her kidney had arrived.

My work colleague suffered from kidney failure. Each day she came to work looking weaker and more jaundiced.

I asked her about her situation. She told me she had suffered for most of her life and that she would get progressively worse. She had been on a waiting list for a kidney transplant for many years.

She needed to live in the city to be close to hospitals, should she get a call regarding a donor.

She felt that she could not visit her family who lived interstate or go on a holiday in case the call came. One morning, commuting to work, traffic was particularly heavy. On the radio they advised of a road accident involving a fatality. The traffic jam was more newsworthy than the tragic loss of life or its consequences.

On arrival at work I received a message advising me my colleague was in hospital but it was good news. Her kidney had arrived.