Christopher's story

Christopher's story

We are so very proud of Christopher. He will live forever in our hearts.

Christopher's donation story started when he collapsed at school one day from a cerebral haemorrhage just five weeks short of his 15th birthday. That evening we were told that Christopher was not going to survive. Michael, our two other boys (Daniel and Harrison) and I sat huddled together absorbing the news. Our beautiful, happy and seemingly health boy would not be coming home. He would never be coming home. It was unimaginable!

There were many thoughts that went through our minds at the time but the one constant thought was that Christopher's big, beautiful, loving heart had to keep beating. Knowing that part of Christopher was going to keep living was a great comfort to us whilst we were dealing with losing him. Christopher donated his heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Although he hadn't specifically stated that he wanted to donate his organs, in a family conversation about organ donation a short while before his death, Christopher had indicated that he was a supporter of organ donation. Michael, Daniel, Harrison and I just knew that he would have wanted to help others in this way and so it was an easy decision. The transplant team led us through the long process, showing great care and compassion and treating Christopher with dignity and respect.

It has been said that donating Christopher's organs was a very generous thing for us to do. We didn't feel generous, instead we felt that we were doing what felt right - right for us to help get through our loss and right for Christopher.

It is now nine months since we lost Christopher and we miss him terribly. We miss many things about him but mostly we miss the love and laughter he brought to our lives. We know that this gift has given five very lucky recipients and their families a new beginning. We hope that they all lead happy and healthy lives filled with some of the love and laughter he brought into our lives. We are so very proud of Christopher. He will live forever in our hearts.

Judy, Michael, Daniel and Harrison