A child on a journey

A child on a journey

I will get to see the things I want now.

I am a child on a journey
How long it's going to be
I'm not really sure you see.

I've had to take the long way
On this rough and bumpy road
But my engines not running properly
So it's going to be quite slow.

I've called the mobile mechanic
He say's I need a 'miracle', my engines in bad repair
He simply cannot help me, much to his despair.

I must keep on my journey now
Because it's only just begun
I have far too much to see and do; it should be lots of fun
I think I'll just chug along now, see how far I get.

The road ahead seems much too far now
I'm getting rather weary
I think I'll pull on over and rest a little while.

I must have slept a little while
When on my window I heard a little tap
It's a weary fellow traveller
Who asks if he can help me
As I awaken from my nap.

I reply, I have a major problem
My engine's very sick
I think my journey's over
It's been very very quick.

This stranger leaned towards me
And whispered in my ear
Why don't you have my engine
It's no use to me now
You see my journey's end is near
And yours has just begun.

He leaned across my dashboard
and turned on my ignition key
Now my new engine
Sounded just perfect to me.

This humble fellow traveller
Wished me on my way
I thanked him very kindly and asked how on earth can I repay?

He asked me
If you see a fellow traveller stranded on the side
Don't just drive on by them
See if you can help them, he replied.

No matter how small your help may be
The kindness you have shown
Will be returned to you on 'Your journey home'.

Farewell he nodded to me
When I see you at the finish line
Come sit a while with me.

I will get to see the things I want now
If the road ahead is smooth
Or if it's bumpy too
That's just fine with me now
Because I've been given this new engine
I'm going to treat it well
I have had this second chance
To have my journey too.