Bruce's story

Bruce's story

He lives on in these five people and that gift is something not many people can give

My uncle Bruce passed away suddenly early this year, just 49 years old. He adored his family and life. His other great love was his farm and his woodwork. He made the most amazing pieces of furniture and always loved his footy. His team was the West Tigers.

When we received a phone call that he was flown to hospital and was in the ICU, our life changed for ever. One day we are all doing our everyday things and the next we are sitting in the ICU being told that our precious uncle was brain dead.

I will never forget when we were asked about organ donation. I put my head up and I said NO. My Auntie turned to me and said 'you know he was an organ donor' and before I could even think my answer was OK.

At the time it was very hard to accept that he was a donor as I knew next to nothing about it. After the process of donation I became aware of what a precious gift he had given to five people.

The support from the DonateLife team has been amazing and to have received a letter from each of his kidney recipients was beyond anything I can explain. After reading so many stories of the gift of life people have given, I am now an organ donor myself.

My uncle has gone but he lives on in these five people and that gift is something not many people can give.

He is my hero and always will be. Our family often think about the people he has helped and even saved. We wish the best of health for them and hope they have a long and happy life - thanks to Bruce.

Love you forever. Till we meet again. xxxx