Brendan's story

Brendan's story

Brendan was a lovable, somewhat cheeky character who was always patient and caring.

It was early on Father’s Day when Brendan’s family left Jindalee to head down to the Gold Coast Motocross Club’s track for a practice day prior to the final round of the Queensland Junior Motocross series. Brendan was leading his class in the series and wanted to familiarise himself with the track prior to race day.

Even wearing full protective gear, including one of the best helmets, Brendan suffered a serious head injury during practice. That night, following multiple tests in the hospital’s ICU, We were confronted with the reality that our son, at the tender age of 16, would not be coming home. Asked about organ donation, Ray’s initial reaction with all the emotions of the situation was bordering on no.

Brendan was passionate about music and since early childhood had been taking drum lessons. One month before the accident, on his way to lessons, Brendan asked his mum Marlane what the ‘y’ on her driver’s licence meant. On being given the explanation by Marlane, Brendan commented to his mum…‘That’s a good idea, I also want to do that when I get my licence. Why take them with me if I can help someone’.

The question of donating his organs had been answered by himself and when Ray was made aware of Brendan’s position, the family honoured his wishes.

Four people were given a second chance at life because of Brendan as his heart, liver and two kidneys were received by grateful recipients. Organ donation did not make Brendan’s death acceptable to our family, but it did provide us with some element of sense from the tragic sporting accident that claimed his young life. Consequently, we ask family and friends to consider organ donation and most importantly ensure individual wishes are properly registered.

Brendan was a lovable, somewhat cheeky character who was always patient and caring. He liked helping others and hated seeing anyone unhappy. He loved a good joke. ‘He had beautiful brown eyes, he spoke with his eyes. He was my brown-eyed handsome man’ quotes Marlane.

After his death Marlane discovered amongst Brendan’s favourite songs was, like he will always be, “UNFORGETTABLE”.

Be at peace Brendan, fly now with the angels.

Love Always

Brendan’s Family