Ben's story

Ben's story

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The past few years have been difficult for him, coming to terms with his fate.

Ben was quiet, smart, witty and able to make you laugh. He knew what he wanted and worked hard to achieve it. He loved and cherished his wife and family. He was born with a congenital heart defect. Ben knew what challenges life had for him and worked hard to ensure he could live a full and productive life whatever the outcome.  He worked hard at school and was accepted into his college of choice.

This opportunity was the turning point for him.  Encouraged by his fellow students and teachers, he grew into a confident and passionate man with a goal.  He graduated and achieved scholarships that would allow him to pursue his career. He chose Cadetship and became an IT architect and was respected by his employer for his talent in this field.

It was evident from the first time he introduced us to his wife, that this was his soul mate.  She has been his rock. They married, travelled, worked hard, and achieved so much with their careers. Supporting each other, they worked hard ensuring he was able to receive the best of care.

Some years later he became unwell and he was given a valve transplant. The past few years have been difficult for him, coming to terms with his fate after so long waiting and expecting it. After a term in hospital he was referred for assessment for a heart transplant. After three months it was evident that he would not recover without a transplant.  He had been so ill he was given a Ventricular Assistance Device (VAD).  Without this device he would not be able to recover enough to receive a transplant. He grew to love the life he had been given and worked hard to regain his independence. With this device however there are risks. Unfortunately he developed clots and he suffered multiple strokes causing irreparable brain damage.

His wish was to donate his organs and gave the gift of a healthier life through the donation of his kidneys and tissues.