Beccky's story

Beccky's story

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Becoming an organ donor can save lives.

My name is Beccky and I am 19 years of age. I was born with poylistic kidney disease and ever since I have needed a kidney transplant.

I had a brother who I never got to meet. He died at six and half months after needing a kidney transplant and not receiving one.

My kidneys lasted 11 years and then I was put onto dialysis. For my 12th birthday I was given a kidney transplant from my dad. Unfortunately the kidney only lasted three years and 11 months. I was in Year 9, really sick, missing school and hanging out with my friends.

By the time I was in year 10, I was back on dialysis. This meant going to bed early, being connected to a machine and missing out on all my friends sleepovers - which was important for me back then.

I was on the transplant waiting list for 18 months and it felt like I was just on my machine 24 hours a day!

In 2010 my mum was able to donate her kidney to me and two years later everything is still going really well.

It's really important to become an organ donor. If my mum's kidney fails on me I will again spend my life on the dialysis machine waiting for that magic phone call.

I feel so worthless spending time on the dialysis machine. Becoming an organ donor can save lives. I am not just thinking of my life, but those of younger kids like my brother, who have a whole big life ahead of them.

I don't think people really understand what a gift organ donation really is until they actually see the difference of a life saved.