Anthony's story

Anthony's story

He was never selfish; always helpful and kind. What beautiful memories he left behind.

Anthony was the family's first male grandchild, adept at getting his own way from an early age. Already showing signs of being a gifted child he knew complete movie scripts by the time he was three and taught himself Spanish from the TV.

His fascination with throwing things over the fence - all his toys, all the dog's toys and bowls, made me wonder if he even tried to throw the dog over too (as it was a Chihuahua)!

Although his parents separated they stayed in touch and Anthony, who had a deadly left foot, loved to play footy in the backyard with his dad and little brother.

Anthony's school reports were always impressive. He scored many A's and nearly as many mentions that he loved to have a chat. His mates looked up to him as he listened, cared and was the mediator. One of his strongest traits was that he never discriminated.

He was a sportsman - excelling at swimming and training religiously to achieve a brown belt in karate. He won several trophies at Cycle Speedway and rode a customised bicycle flat out to finish third in the Aussie titles. He trained hard at tennis, becoming his local club's Junior Rising Star after just one year. His dad practised with him to the point of exhaustion and never won a game! As his grandparents watched him grow to nearly six feet tall, they also saw him develop into a fine sportsman.

He battled asthma all his life and his mother was always there to support him. He was like her in so many ways, as he would rather give than receive. That's what won people's hearts.

When he suffered his final severe asthma attack and didn't recover he was still giving. His healthy organs were donated to five families, bringing them the joy of hope for the future.

Anthony's dad carries a permanent reminder of his son - a picture etched into the skin of his torso and the words: 'He was never selfish; always helpful and kind. What beautiful memories he left behind.'

Sharkey (Grandfather)