Angels of humanity

Angels of humanity

Heart Image
You are inspiring for all to see

With your heart
I can survive
With your eyes
My sight revived

With your lungs
I breathe new life
With your liver
Blood pumps through me
Your kidneys
Help me live
Without dialysis

Your skin heals
My horrific scars
Burns now slowly fade
So to my pain

Your gift of organs
Given to me and my family
The Miracle of Life
We dared to believe
We would ever receive

We are sad
You lost your battle
To survive
But forever grateful
For your gifts of life

We promise to live for you
Enjoying each precious new day
Because of you
For your courage
And your strength
We will remember always

Your humanity
And your family
Who gave us a special part of you
Your spirit will live on
For eternity

As you gave yourself to us
In our desperate hour of need
You are our hero
Not just an organ donor
But the precious giver of life
An Angel of Humanity

Thank you we wish to say
To you, but cannot
For you are gone
But NEVER forgot

So we say thank you
To all the future heroes
And their families
Who make that heroic decision
To donate
The gift of life
To others

Thank you our heroes
You are inspiring for all to see
Our Angels of Humanity
May you Rest in Peace