Discussing your donation decision

Deciding and registering your donation decision about organ and tissue donation is a very positive act.

In deciding to become an organ and tissue donor, you are expressing your willingness to save and transform the lives of others through the gift of donation.

This is a decision that you need to share with your family and close friends.

They need to know your decision because, in the event of your death, they will be asked to confirm your donation decision before donation for transplantation can proceed.

Less than 1-2% of deaths in hospitals are in the particular circumstances where organ donation is possible. Family discussion and knowledge about each other’s donation decision is critical to ensure that every potential donor’s decision is upheld.

Families that know each other’s donation decisions are more likely to uphold them. It is rare for a family to decline the opportunity for donation if they know their loved one was willing to become an organ and tissue donor.

If you want your family to honour your decision, then they need to know. Discuss it today.

It is also important that you ask and know the donation decision of your family members so that, should the situation arise, you can uphold their decision.

We encourage every Australian to:

  • Discover the facts about organ and tissue donation
  • Register your donation decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register and, most importantly
  • Discuss your donation decision with your loved ones.

Download the ‘How to have the discussion about organ and tissue donation’ factsheet


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