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Ross's story - donor, QLD

A photo of Ross's siblings Bill and Aunty Pat
I receive letters from the recipient and I realise how great a gift donation is

When Ross sadly passed away his siblings, affectionately known to all as Aunty Pat and Billy, knew that organ donation was the only option for them.

“We said yes because we knew it was our brother's wishes,” Aunty Pat said.

Billy said his brother would be very happy to know that his donation changed the lives of his recipients for the better and that they are happy.

“I receive letters from the recipient, wonderful beautiful letters and I realise how great a gift organ donation is to give to someone else,” Billy said.

“The recipients will forever be part of our family. It was through my brother’s kindness and heartfelt feelings for other people he decided to donate. He’d be so happy that the recipients are well and part of our family now, he’d really love that.”

Billy wrote a beautiful poem to honour Ross and his donation wishes:

A Gift of Life

I received a letter and card today
From a person I know nothing about
But our lives will be intertwined forever
Of this I have no doubt

The frailties of life and death
Brought us together you see
A transplant for him/her
A death in the family for me

Him/her said they were doing well
Something our family hoped for and desired
For through him/her, on this earth walks
Part of a brother we all admired

Though we will never meet or talk
Our relationship strange as it will have to be
Him/her will always remain
As close as any friend to me

Him/her was one of the lucky ones
And because of my brother’s plan
A plan to have his organs transplanted
And help his fellow man

Hopefully, a long healthy life is ahead for him/her
Cause you never know when illness will strike
So, people please, think of organ donation
The ultimate Gift of Life.

By William Munro in memory of his brother Ross Munro.

Kathy Heagney
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