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Karl, donor - NT

A photo of Karl playing hockey
This decision was simple for his family, although they said it was not easy.

Karl was an avid hockey player and played for numerous high-level representative teams. He was fit as could be, often running 8km from home to hockey training, train, umpire a game, play a game and then run 8km home again.

Karl was helping some younger hockey players remove a snake from their change room one evening when unbeknown to him the snake bit him on his finger. Karl then started his training run and was later found collapsed.

During the hospital admission, snake venom was found in Karl’s blood and urine. When he collapsed Karl sustained a large head injury which was inoperable and he was pronounced brain dead, he was 26 years old when he died.

Karl used to race his family members when giving blood to see who could donate the fastest. His wishes for organ and tissue donation were very clear and family had all registered their wishes to be donors. So, this decision was simple for his family, although they said it was not easy.

Karl’s family would like you to know the most important thing you can do is communicate, with your family, friends, loved ones. Ask your family their wishes and tell them yours so if they are ever in the situation that they are asked, they will know confidently how to answer.

Kathy Heagney
Graphic of native plants

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