DonateLife Thank You Day

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On Sunday 20 November 2016 we are asking all Australians to take part in DonateLife Thank You Day.

DonateLife Thank You Day is a national day to honour all living and deceased organ and tissue donors and their families and to acknowledge their generosity, which saves and transforms the lives of others.

We invite you to say ‘thank you’ by creating and sharing a message on social media as part of our #ThankYouDay campaign. It’s that simple.

You may also like to help us promote the Day online, in your workplace, your school or your local club by using the resources available on this page.

Each year the lives of hundreds of Australians are saved and transformed through the generosity of living and deceased organ and tissue donors and their families that agreed to donation.

Australians of all ages, faith and cultural backgrounds can one day be in need of an organ or tissue transplant. DonateLife Thank You Day is an opportunity for the Australian community to come together and say ‘thank you’ to the individuals and families, whose stories should inspire us all to register on the Australian Organ Donor Register and discuss our donation decisions.

How do I get involved?

Supporter Toolkit

Download the DonateLife Thank You Day Supporter Kit, which includes suggestions on how you can create and share your message of thanks, as well as how you can promote awareness of the Day to inspire others to join in.


Check out the DonateLife Thank You Day resources. There’s a number of ways you can support and promote DonateLife Thank You Day.

Share your message of thanks this #ThankYouDay

As part of DonateLife Thank You Day, all Australians are invited to create and share thank you messages, selfies and video messages via their own personal social media accounts, with the purpose of raising awareness about the life-changing benefits of organ and tissue donation.

Share your message from Monday 14 November to Sunday 27 November 2016.

You can share the DonateLife Thank You message in several ways. You may like to:

  • Create your own selfie Thank You Day message by using the Thank You Day message poster
  • Create a video message
  • Write a message of thanks
  • Share a social post.

In these ways, you will be able to:

  1. Show your support by posting about DonateLife Thank You Day;
  2. Share your thoughts on organ and tissue donation;
  3. Share thank you messages posted by other people.

Remember to post your message of thanks as a public message, so that they reach a broader audience.

If you or a loved one is a transplant recipient, you might like to thank your donor, their family, the doctors or a special friend or family member who helped along your transplant journey. To protect anonymity and confidentiality, we ask that transplant recipients do not mention the date of the transplant or the name of the hospital where the transplant took place.

We encourage all transplant recipients to refer to the Correspondence Guidelines for transplant recipients.

DonateLife Hashtags

We encourage you to use the following hashtags when posting about your support for DonateLife Thank You Day:




Hashtags can be used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By including your hashtag in a post or tweet, you are automatically joining the national conversation surrounding #ThankYouDay.

Not sure what to say? Have a look at our DonateLife Thank You Day Supporter Kit for some ideas.

Have a look at our Storify feed to see what other people are saying.



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