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If you'd say yes to a life-saving transplant....have you said yes to becoming an organ and tissue donor?

In this section you can download a range of online, printed and multimedia resources to understand and promote awareness of the need to:

  • Discover the facts about organ and tissue donation for transplantation in Australia.
  • Decide and register your donation decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register.
  • Discuss your donation decision with your loved ones.

You can use these resources to promote organ and tissue donation in your family, your workplace, your school and your community.

Fact sheets

Read or download our fact sheets for information including facts and statistics, eye and tissue donation, religious positions on organ and tissue donation and international approaches to organ donation reform.

School education resources

We encourage school teachers across Australia to engage their classrooms on the subject of organ and tissue donation. The OTA has produced resources that are aligned to learning descriptions in the Australian Curriculum.

Access our school education resources 

Access information for students

Multicultural and faith resources

Ensuring access to culturally appropriate information about organ and tissue donation to culturally and linguistically diverse communities is a priority for the OTA.  You can find faith-based resources for people of Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, Orthodox, Buddhist and Catholic faiths, as well as faith-based and non-denominational resources in 18 languages.

Read or download our Multicultural and Faith Resources

DonateLife Book of Life

More than 300 Australians have contributed the story of their experience as a donor family or a transplant recipient in the DonateLife Book of Life. You can view the DonateLife Book of Life or submit your own story by completing the form.

Community Speaker PowerPoint 

The Community Speaker PowerPoint is a great tool for delivering a talk about about organ and tissue donation. 

Read or download the Community Speaker PowerPoint 


There are a range of videos available to watch and share with your family, friends and colleagues about the importance of organ and tissue donation and why we all need to discuss our donation decision with our loved ones.

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the facts about organ and
tissue donation

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Understanding donation


and register on the Australian
Organ Donor Register

  • Register your decision


your donation decision with family and friends

  • Who needs to know?
  • How to start the discussion