After the discussion

To indicate your decision to become an organ and tissue donor on your Facebook Timeline:

You can also share your donation decision on your Facebook Timeline.

To do this:

  • Go to your Facebook Timeline
  • Click on "Life Event"
  • Select "Health and Wellness" and choose "organ donor"
  • You can select which of your Facebook friends you want to receive this information by activating the appropriate privacy setting.

If you have not registered on the Australian Organ Donor Register, make sure that you do. The Australian Organ Donor Register is the only national register for donation decisions.

Registering your decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register means that your donation decision can be verified 24 hours a day, seven days a week by authorised medical personnel, anywhere in Australia.

Most importantly, you need to discuss your organ and tissue donation wishes with your family. Your family will always be asked to confirm your donation decision before donation for transplantation can proceed.

Get involved and stay in touch

After you have discovered the facts about organ and tissue donation, made an informed decision and discussed this decision, there are other actions you can take. Stay in touch, get involved and help us continue to raise awareness. Here are some suggestions:

Become a Facebook fan: Add your comments and contribute to discussions. You can also indicate that you are a registered organ and tissue donor on your Facebook Timeline.

Follow us on Twitter.

Contact your local DonateLife agency to request materials to support you in hosting an awareness raising event. 

Discuss organ and tissue donation with extended family and friends. Encourage people to Discover the facts, Decide about becoming a donor and register your decision and, most importantly, Discuss this decision with family and friends.

Get involved with a local community organisation

Community organisations play a very important role within the organ and tissue donation and transplantation sector. They provide both essential awareness events to the Australian community and also act as advocates for the community, within the clinical sector and with government.

They represent and support donor families, transplant recipients and even families awaiting transplantation.


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