Analysis of the Australian tissue sector

At the request of the Commonwealth and state and territory governments, PricewaterhouseCoopers have undertaken an analysis of the Australian eye and tissue sector (the Report).

Eye and tissue donations support the most commonly performed transplant received by Australians to both save and enhance lives.  For this reason, the ongoing generosity of those that donate is of significant value to the Australian community.

The Report presents an overview of the eye and tissue sector, as informed by stakeholders in eye and tissue banking, governments and clinical sectors.  The Report also makes recommendations to ensure the future sustainability of the tissue sector.

All Australian governments are strongly committed to eye and tissue donation and transplantation being fair, efficient and supplied within a sustainable and cost-effective framework.  An all governments’ Statement regarding this Report is now available on the Commonwealth Department of Health’s website at:  

Should you have further questions, or would like to provide general feedback on the Report, please send your query via email to:


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