The Bunbury Bunch's First Show-ing

Beulah Philp with Merrell Carter, Bunbury Bunch 2016Over the last few months, some people from Bunbury - in Western Australia’s south west -have individually expressed interest to DLWA in promoting registration for organ and tissue donation. By putting them in touch with one another, enthusiasm and numbers have grown.

For their inaugural event, the newly-hatched group got together and organised a table at the LiveLighter Bunbury Show on Saturday 9 April. They spent the day registering and setting the show crowds right about organ and tissue donation myths as well as emphasising all the positives about the process.

Interest was high and 60 signed forms were submitted to the AODR at the end of the day. Many more show-goers took forms home to discuss the issue as a family. The volunteers were often approached spontaneously by people keen to know more about the subject. 

A count-the-jelly-beans competition proved a drawcard for children and Merrell Carter, heart recipient and organiser of the stall, said it was gratifying that “when the children were guessing the number, mums were explaining organ donation to them”.

Those tending the DonateLife table were Jay Reynolds, who had started the ball rolling some months ago by becoming a DLWA volunteer, another heart transplant recipient, Mark Barbetti who, with his wife Marg, worked for most of the day, Merrell’s daughter Amanda and lung recipient Beulah Philp. Many more were unavailable for that day but have expressed interest in helping next time.


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