7 kidney donors, 7 recipients, 6 hospitals, 3 cities

One altruistic donor, six donors, seven recipients, hundreds of specialists, and seven people’s lives transformed through the gift of donation.

Facilitating more than 150 kidney transplants from donor/recipient pairs since its commencement in August 2010, the Australian Paired Kidney Exchange (AKX) programme helps to identify matches for patients seeking a kidney transplant, whose potential living donor is unsuitable for them due to blood group and/or tissue incompatibility. 

On 19 November 2015 in an Australian first, 14 Australians simultaneously participated in the AKX programme. 

Fairfax feature writer Jane Cadzow, tells the story of the remarkable exchange at  www.smh.com.au/good-weekend/7-kidney-donors-7-recipients-6-hospitals-3-cities-what-could-possibly-go-wrong-20160204-gmlc29.html#ixzz40qq2qzE0

For more information about the Australian Paired Kidney Exchange programme visit http://www.donatelife.gov.au/about-us/kidney-exchange-programme


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