National Wave 2 Donor Family Study

The National Donor Family Study is research conducted for the OTA of family experiences of organ and tissue donation for transplantation. The study collects information on the family’s experience from early interactions with hospital and DonateLife staff and initial donation conversations, to the follow up support provided to families after a donation decision was made.  This insight provides valuable evidence for the ongoing review and enhancement of the care and support provided to families before, during and after donation.

The National Wave 2 Donor Family Study builds on Wave 1 of the study which provided feedback from families who made a donation decision in 2010 and 2011, including families that consented to or declined donation.  The Wave 2 study commenced in October 2014 and invited 1,751 Australian families who made a donation decision during 2012 and 2013 to participate. A total of 319 individual family members (representing 263 donor families who consented to donation) participated in the Wave 2 study, with 12 individuals (representing 12 families) who declined donation also participating.

The key finding of the Wave 2 study are broadly consistent with the Wave 1 study findings, with the majority of families noting that having a prior conversation about donation with their loved one made consenting to donation a lot easier. The majority of families strongly agree that they were given sufficient information to allow them to make an informed donation decision, and that they were provided with sufficient opportunities to ask questions about donation. As with Wave 1, the majority of Wave 2 donor families report that the donation decision they made still sits well with them today.

The OTA sincerely thanks the family members who volunteered to participate in this study and share their experience. 

Wave 3 of the study is currently underway and will seek feedback from families who made a donation decision in 2014 and 2015.


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