For Health Professionals

This section provides a range of information for health professionals working in the donation sector.

Professional Education Package

The Professional Education Package (PEP) provides sequential learning through four education modules that provide health professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to sensitively support grieving families to make an informed, proactive and enduring decision about donation.

Other Professional Education Workshops

Other workshops that are relevant to professionals working in the organ and tissue sector are listed here (these are additional to the PEP workshops).

Best Practice Guideline for Offering Organ and Tissue Donation in Australia

The Best Practice Guideline for Offering Organ and Tissue Donation in Australia outlines the preferred approach to be taken for all potentially suitable organ donors. The Guideline is designed to support health professionals involved in the family donation conversation process and provide guidance about goals of family communication, staff roles and responsibilities, timing and elements of the family donation conversation, training requirements and review of practice.  

Professional Statements

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) develop and promote professional statements on determination of death and the conduct of organ and tissue donation. 

National Protocol for Donation and Cardiac Death

This protocol outlines the ethical process that respects the rights of the patient and ensures clinical consistency, effectiveness and safety for both donors and recipients.

TSANZ Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors

The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) is the peak professional body representing solid-organ transplantation in Australia. With support from the OTA, TSANZ are responsible for maintaining the Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors, which are the national protocols for the management of deceased organ donation eligibility, transplantation waiting lists and the allocation of donated organs across Australia.

Janette Hall Scholarship

The Scholarship provides the opportunity for health professionals working in the donation and transplantation sector to attend professional training and education activities both in Australia and overseas.

Guidelines for Hospitals to Assist in Credentialling of Transplant Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand (Guidelines for Credentialling Surgeons)

Guidelines for Credentialling Surgeons were developed to assist hospitals in employing transplant surgeons and in any subsequent re-appointment process. The guidelines have been revised and published on the Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) website. The guidelines are not mandatory, however they represent a broad consensus of the Australasian transplant surgery community.

Find out more about the Guidelines for Credentialling Surgeons  


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