Future of organ and tissue donation and transplantation highlighted at international gathering of experts in Sydney

World-leading organ donation experts will today gather in Sydney for the 12th International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement Congress (ISODP 2013), co-hosted by the Organ and Tissue Authority.
More than 560 senior clinicians, researchers, scientists and educators from Australia and around the world will share new research and best practices on topics including:

  • the future of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, including medical advancements to increase successful outcomes of retrieved organs
  • international frameworks to prohibit and prevent organ trafficking (WHO Guiding Principles), and
  • the role of the donation specialist and family consent.

ISODP Congress Chair, Professor Jeremy Chapman said the Congress will be an opportunity to showcase the progress of Australia’s national reform program which is on track for its fourth consecutive year of record donation and transplantation outcomes.
“This Congress is key to enabling the ongoing collaboration at the international level and to promote the translation of new research into practice and transferring knowledge between medical professionals,” said Professor Chapman. “The information to be shared, debated and discussed at this Congress will lead to outcomes that touch the lives people all over the world,” said Professor Chapman
Head of the Victor Chang Institute’s Cardiac Transplantation Laboratory, Professor Peter MacDonald will present exciting new research into the preservation of donor lungs and hearts, “New methods to evaluate, preserve and recondition donor lungs outside the body are set to increase the number of suitable transplant organs and offer more patients this lifesaving therapy.
“Exciting Australian research into new techniques to preserve donor hearts using novel solutions and machinery could more than double the safe storage time for donor hearts and expand the number of hearts available for life-saving heart transplantations.”
Head of Croatia’s Institute for Transplantation and Biomedicine Dr Mirela Busic will discuss factors contributing to Croatia’s world-leading transplantation and procurement model, “The sustainable increase in the donor rate and the extraordinary results achieved in Croatia cannot be attributed to one single factor or measure. Rather, it’s the result of sustained efforts and the gradual implementation of measures supported by the Ministry of Health."
Howard Nathan, President of the internationally-renowned Gift of Life Donor Program in Philadelphia, USA will discuss best practice in improving family consent through the delivery of specialist training for donation specialists, “In parallel to the delivery of specialist training in Family Donation Conversations in Australia, developed jointly by the Gift of Life Institute and the Organ and Tissue Authority, we have watched Australia’s family consent rate jump by 10% to its current 64% in less than two years.”
“Australia is holding its ground internationally for fundamental clinical reform and is achieving strong increases in donation and transplantation outcomes. For a country in its fourth year of implementing a nationwide clinical reform process, Australians can be proud of the rapid progress it is making.”

Released 21 November 2013


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