New found friends
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New found friends

By Pamela

We have known for 20 odd years that Tony, my husband, has Polycystic Kidney Disease. Three years ago, our lives were turned upside down.

Acute kidney failure knocked Tony into hospital and so began our journey. He endured several surgeries to prepare for dialysis, which started nine months later. Our life no longer belonged to us— - our social life, our work commitments and holidays were governed by dialysis.

I did not hesitate in offering my kidney so Tony, we as a couple and our family, could have a better quality of life. I hated seeing him unwell, even after dialysis.

We were privileged to have the most amazing team assist us with our work up. My never ending questions were always answered and not once did I feel frightened, but I felt empowered that I could help my man.

This team soon became like new friends. They cared for us as individuals and wanted us both to be informed and make independent decisions about the transplant.

Surgery and recovery went smoothly, and I was home four days after surgery and Tony after six days. Three and a half months later, we marvel at all our spare time. We love that we can just take off for the weekend and are tied to no machine.

We are both back to work, but are monitored by our treating hospital and a friend on the end of the phone if we need to call.