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A dream come true

By Diane

I stood on the bank of the East Alligator River, Arnhem Land Northern Territory Australia. It was a dream come true. My husband and I were on the trip of a life time. A trip that a few years before would have been impossible for me to take.

I had suffered kidney disease since I was a young woman and now in my mid-fifties and having a new kidney I was at last able to fulfil my dream.

I had lived on just one fifth of one kidney for most of my adult life and the day the doctor told me that my little bit of kidney had died was devastating.

I spent three years on a dialysis machine before being called up for my transplant. What a difference it made to my life. I have been able to enjoy the birth of five of our eight grandchildren since then and to watch them grow is wonderful. I will forever be thankful to the family who knew their loved ones wishes regarding donating organs as their gift has given me a new lease on life - a freedom that I would otherwise never have had. Thank you to the unknown donor.