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A new liver, a new life

By Will

It all started when I was born and diagnosed with Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency - a rare liver disease. When I was three months old I had to have an operation so the doctors could find out more. After this, other than regular medication and doctor's appointments, I wasn't really affected by this disease until I was 12.

Towards the end of grade six, I was always sick with stomach aches, migraines and I never had energy. My stomach was filling up with more fluid each day as my liver was not able to do its job. This resulted in me having to quit sport and my skin and eyes turned yellow from jaundice. I was eating non-stop and never feeling full. I was just skin and bone and had no muscle tone. I wasn't able to attend high school normally like all my friends because I was always tired, sick or had to go home. After a while I had to stop going to school altogether.

I was put on the transplant waiting list and was told that it could be up to two years before I got a liver. Although it was making me really sick, I always tried my hardest not to give up all the things I love. The day before my transplant I went to football training and played with my team mates.

We got a phone call saying that they had my new liver only two months after going on the list.

After just six weeks in hospital I was sent home feeling the best I had ever felt in my life. My energy and fitness started coming back and I could start playing basketball and football again. My new liver is the best present I have ever been given.