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A life too short

By Jill and Keith

Jason was nearly 19 years of age when he died. He was accidentally killed while attending an automotive spare parts traineeship.

Being the eldest of four children (two brothers and one sister), Jason was a very loving, caring and loyal son and brother with his family always coming first. Life was lived to the fullest, always in a hurry as though time was running out. He loved V8 cars, motorbikes and loud music along with his mates.

At 15 years he commenced work as a salesperson with an electrical store. Having the 'gift of the gab' he made many sales. Being an avid reader, Jason loved company and telling stories.

When Jason acquired his driver's licence at the age of 17 he proudly announced 'I'm an organ donor just like mum and dad'. His aunty commented that she couldn't be one. His response was 'When you're dead you're dead. If you can help somebody else you do'.

When Jason was pronounced 'brain dead' the doctors noted 'Organ Donor' ticked on his licence. As parents, never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would be in this position. Jason's words echoed in our ears there was no other alternative but to fulfil his wish and give our consent.

We are very proud of his decision. It is of great comfort that he saved four people's lives, two being imminent deaths. His life was not in vain!

The Service of Thanksgiving is a wonderful event which we have attended every year since Jason's death. The Closing Song 'What a Wonderful World' always brings tears to our eyes.

We have shared in something very special over the years, thanks to Jason and all the other organ donors. May They All Rest in Peace.

Jill and Keith