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My little brother, my big hero

By Kristy

It was my husband's 31st birthday and our kids (two and four years of age) were fast asleep. My hubby and I had just finished packing away a load of washing and were climbing into bed when his phone rang. It was a phone call I will never forget - a phone call I wish we never had to receive.

A family friend had driven home past my parents house and saw three police cars; one each at their neighbour's and one at my parents house. My parents were five hours away in Mildura on a week's holiday and had been there for two days.

The phone call was to tell us my 18 year old brother had been in a car accident. She didn't know how bad he was, but he was being airlifted to the Alfred Hospital and we had to get their asap.

We were within five minutes from the hospital when my mum rang and told me there was no hope for him, but to get there and wait with him till she arrived with dad.

That night went forever. It was 3.30am before we made the heart-wrenching decision to risk leaving him to go home, get some rest and return later on and decide what to do.

My parents, husband, uncle and I returned later on that morning, still in shock, but after discussing my brother's situation with the doctor it was decided there was just no hope and we had to say good-bye.

My brother is my hero because at 18 years old he became an organ and tissue donor. His gift of several organs has improved the lives of so many and his tissue is being kept for future use.

He was a beautiful person in life and a beautiful person in the after-life.