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Scott's story

By Phillipa

My name is Philippa and one year ago my husband, Scott, died unexpectedly from complications associated with swine flu. Scott and I had discussed organ donation and we were both keen to be donors, if the time arose.

The only relief on the day that Scott passed away was that I knew Scott's wishes around organ donation. There was a peace in conveying Scott's wishes, along with a tremendous sense of pride that my husband was about to save lives. Scott's kidneys were successfully transplanted to two recipients, which freed them from dialysis; a life-changing and life-saving outcome.

Scott loved life and was so excited and optimistic about the future. He enjoyed going for walks, playing with our cats, playing on the computer, cooking, gardening and enjoying good food and great wine.

Scott was always passionate about medical research, having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the whole of his career. I know he would be pleased that his death was not in vain and that, through his death, others had been given a second chance of life. Scott also loved science-fiction, so I think he'd be amused at the idea of his tissue living on, long after him and advancing medical research. Scott always said that the happiest and proudest day of his life was our wedding day. This was definitely my happiest day, but my proudest day is now the day that Scott became a hero and saved lives.

I hope that in sharing Scott's story, others will have a conversation with their loved ones about organ donation and agree to become organ donors. Please give the gift of life