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The day that changed our lives forever!

By Karla

I still can't believe six years has gone by so fast! It only feels like yesterday that Dad was fighting for his life in hospital, hooked onto a dialysis machine.

It isn't something you want to hear at age 16 that 'your father has kidney failure'. I didn't even know what that meant! All I could think of was 'would my father ever be alive to watch me grow up?'. But those who know my dad know what a strong, determined man he is.

He was my inspiration to become a nurse. Through the six years he never took life for granted. He continued a normal life with a few exceptions for dialysis. Even as a nursing student I supported organ and tissue donation and have registered as a donor myself.

Our prayers were finally answered a week ago. My dad got the call and was speechless. His first thought was for the donor, of how grateful he was for receiving a second chance in life. My dad is progressing well and is already looking better. I am truly grateful for the generous donation of the family and urge people to sign on to save lives!