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David (Dave)

By Judy and Ian

David (Dave) was born six weeks prematurely on 23 November 1960 the youngest of two sons to Judy and Ian. He grew up to be strong-willed and intelligent with many friends and interests including restoring VWs and surfing.

After finishing school he started an electrical apprenticeship and was about to be made a partner in the business for which he worked. He was super fit, funny, happy, clever, difficult, a joker and honest. He had just purchased his own home and was about to get engaged.

When driving to work he was hit by a vehicle that had been driven through a red light. He sustained major injuries and sadly passed away after being on life support for 32 hours.

We have been contacted by and spent time with the recipient of one of Dave's kidneys, who lives interstate, becoming firm friends of him and his family. It has helped us to know that out of a terrible tragedy some good has happened through organ donation.

He remains unforgettable.

Judy and Ian