Jason's Story
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Your powerful gift

By Jason

A week before my 24th birthday, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. This was a real shock to me and all of a sudden I knew my life was going to change forever. After thinking about all the information that was presented, I decided to take full responsibility and ownership of this condition.

I made a promise to myself, 'to create the best life possible'. I continued to work full-time as a tradesman and never gave up. I spent eight years on nocturnal dialysis at home. Setting up the machine to needling my fistula and switching off the machine in the morning, I was my own nurse.

I received a kidney. It was a complicated procedure, and I spent six weeks in hospital fighting to keep this gift. I never gave up, and the doctors and nurses where amazing and so supportive.

A few years ago I decided to try snowboarding and with some reservations, the sport has now taken over my life.

I recently came back from my first trip overseas where I went snowboarding in Japan to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my transplant. With this second chance I have been able to reflect my life. It was a very emotional and amazing experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful life.