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Danielle's Story

By Helen and Barrie

On the 5th June, a baby girl was born to Barrie and Helen, baby sister to Darryn, eight, and Denise, six.

Danielle always wanted to grow up fast and do the things her big brother and sister were allowed to do. She was very fussy about what she wore and how she had her hair.

When she was old enough to go out, she was always amused that her older sister was required to show her ID and not her.

Danielle was always willing to help anyone out if they needed assistance, so her decision to donate her organs was not a surprise to her family.

Her illness was sudden and would have taken her life immediately if it were not for a dedicated team of intensive care staff who tried to halt the effects of meningitis. It was a virulent strain of the virus and had already shut her system down. Obviously it came as a huge shock to her family and friend - —she was only 21.

We take some comfort in losing Danielle from the fact that she was able to continue to help people by saving and improving their lives. We are fortunate that we have been kept informed of her recipients' progress.

Helen and Barrie