Diane's Story
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The joy of a transplant

By Colleen

I was the support person for my friend Diane after she was diagnosed with emphysema. Di was only in her late forties and it looked like she wouldn't see her 50th birthday.

I took her to her appointments weekly or fortnightly at the Prince Charles Hospital. The agony of walking beside her at a snail's pace and listening to her battle to breathe made me feel so useless. She was on the transplant list waiting for a double lung transplant.

Because of a loving, caring family who donated their family members' organs, Di was given the chance to make it to her 50th birthday and beyond. After an operation that took over three hours, the surgeon came and told me that she had made it through OK.

Watching her begin the rest of her life after the transplant was a wonderful experience.

I cannot say enough about the donors, their families and the wonderful medical staff who make these dreams possible.

Everyone who can, PLEASE ADD YOUR DETAILS TO THE AUSTRALIAN ORGAN DONOR REGISTER. You will help save a life and give new hope and dreams to so many.